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  Brand / modelStatusYearPressureMotorCompressor flowMachine Location
Atlas Copco ZR 75 FF20058.6 bar125 psi7 kW9 hp11 m3/min388 CFM183 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco ZR 90200690 kW121 hp14 m3/min494 CFM233 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco ZR 25020187.5 bar109 psi250 kW335 hp43.6 m3/min1540 CFM727 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco ZR 160 VSD200210.4 bar151 psi16 kW21 hp23.6 m3/min833 CFM393 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco ZR 14520028.6 bar125 psi145 kW194 hp21.7 m3/min766 CFM362 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco ZR 14520017.5 bar109 psi145 kW194 hp23.6 m3/min833 CFM393 liter/sec
Atlas Copco GA 315 VSD200510 bar145 psi315 kW422 hp45 m3/min1589 CFM750 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco GA 16020148.5 bar123 psi160 kW215 hp28.8 m3/min1017 CFM480 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco GA 110 VSD20148.5 bar123 psi110 kW148 hp24.72 m3/min873 CFM412 liter/secBelguim
Atlas Copco ZT 90VSDFF2013130 bar1885 psi90 kW121 hp13.59 m3/min480 CFM226 liter/secOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco MD 18002001150 bar2176 psi144 kW193 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco GA 315FF20118.6 bar125 psi312 kW418 hp51.28 m3/min1811 CFM855 liter/secOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco GR 2002014290 bar4206 psi205 kW275 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZT 182012125 bar1813 psi18 kW24 hp2.75 m3/min97 CFM46 liter/secOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 90VSDFF2008130 bar1885 psi90 kW121 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 75VSD2008131 bar1900 psi86 kW115 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 7502001151 bar2190 psi680 kW912 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco MD 300199810.3 bar149 psi0 kW0 hp22.65 m3/min800 CFM378 liter/secOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 3552001145 bar2103 psi355 kW476 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 2752005125 bar1813 psi248 kW333 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 250VSD2008125 bar1813 psiOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 315VSDFF2007125 bar1813 psi250 kW335 hp46.5 m3/min1642 CFM775 liter/secOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 160VSDFF2007125 bar1813 psi144 kW193 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 132VSDFF2008125 bar1813 psi159 kW213 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZR 132VSD2008125 bar1813 psi132 kW177 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZH 60002008143 bar2074 psi1387 kW1860 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZH 60002008143 bar2074 psi1387 kW1860 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco ZH 60002008143 bar2074 psi1387 kW1860 hpOriginAirUSA
Atlas Copco GA 90VSD200513 bar189 psi90 kW121 hp17.58 m3/min621 CFM293 liter/secOriginAir USA
Atlas Copco GA 75VSDFF200412.8 bar186 psi75 kW101 hp13.79 m3/min487 CFM230 liter/secOriginAir USA
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