We buy your used air compressor back

Your air requirements can change over time. Previous capacity plans or application requirements may no longer completely answer your current requirements. So you need flexibility for your compressed air installation. A buy back may be the solution.


OriginAir Compressor buy back offers you flexibility   

From a straightforward buy-back option, to a more elaborate trade-in deal during the conversion of your compressor room, we gladly work with you on a solution adapted to your unique and specific situation.


The quality of our end product starts with the buy back process. Using different resources we assess product quality before buy back: 

  • Maintenance history and visit reports
  • Pictures of the compressor room assessment of the application and environment
  • Contact with local technical support departments   

We buy back Atlas Copco Compressors from 75 kw up to 900 kw power range and various type of technologies   

We focus on VSD machines, as they offer more flexibility in terms of offering (less variants than fixed speed units, can be downgraded in power size without much trouble), and assure our customers of an energy efficient product.   

In the buy back process, we also align with the End-Of-Life strategy. This means we will never buy back a machine that is over or close to the EOL for spare part support. In doing so, we ensure that our customers can be confident that in case of a failure, spare part availability is not an issue.

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